We believe buildings, especially homes, have ancestors as we do. Knowing the style of architecture is only a small part of the story. Knowing who lived there and what they did gives a building a fuller, richer history, just like learning the stories of our families.

Find your home's ancestors
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Basic Report – $50

  • Auditor Information (year built, transfer records, legal description and photos)

  • Search of the City Directories approximately every five years between 1819 and 1959 for residents

  • Historic Maps

Add any of these additional searches for $25 each

  • Preliminary Deed Search (provides owner’s name, deed book and page but not actual deeds)

  • Old Photo Search (hardest to find but every effort will be made to discover these)

  • Census Records and Family Trees (when available)

  • Cincinnati Enquirer Archive Search

  • Death Records and Cemetery Search

Deluxe Report for $150 includes all the above.

Click here to view sample reports.

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Knowing a building’s history can be used as a gift to family and friends, a marketing tool for real estate agents, or for applying for historic tax credits.


If you want, doing research on a piece of property can be endless. But the hardest part is getting started. Trying to gain a overall history, a foundation to build upon is the most challenging aspect. Ann at Digging Cincinnati provided this at a very reasonable fee. Money well spent and her findings were enjoyable to read. I would recommend Digging Cincinnati to anyone and in fact already have. - John S.

See what others are saying about their experience with Digging Cincinnati History...

I spoke with a friend who tried to do this on her own, spent many hours downtown and on computer, ended up using Digging Cincinnati when she found it too hard. I went straight to Digging Cincinnati! - Lori M.

Ann was very responsive and was able to present the information to us in an easy to follow flow, it became more like a narrative of our building rather than just a report of dates and names - Doug S.

Ann is passionate about history. She has uncovered things that have helped us better understand and market our buildings to prospective owners. - Danny K.


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Ann Senefeld is a Cincinnati native and graduate of Xavier University who has a passion for her hometown and its wonderful history. Her interest in Cincinnati history began as a child, growing up in an old farm house. After spending more than twenty years as an Administrative Assistant, Ann refocused her skills to researching the history of older homes and buildings in the area. She believes buildings have their own family trees and learning their stories adds human face to history.

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